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From project inception to owner turnover, we work with architects, engineers, designers, owners, and general contractors to raise the bar for decorative concrete solutions.  We know how to offer you viable solutions for your most ambitious projects and will meet all your requirements along the way. With our decorative concrete services, you will enjoy the quality you deserve. Delarays Decorative Concrete division is committed to offering our customers the finest in-home improvement advancements. With Decorative Concrete, you can enhance the beauty of your home with a variety of designs and color combinations. Our sales team will work with each customer to determine their needs and preferences. With that being said our sophisticated concrete services range from the following, but not limited to.

Custom Concrete Overlays

A concrete overlay is a type of construction that can be either practical or decorative. An overlay can fix underlying problems or add creativity to an otherwise bland-looking appearance. From a practical standpoint, concrete overlays do many things. They correct surface deficiencies, improve skid resistance, improve surface drainage, minimize climate-related deterioration, and improve structural capacity.

From a decorative standpoint, a concrete overlay can enhance appearance, reduce surface roughness, and provide a variety of creative alternations, including artistic elements such as making the concrete appear with a geometric modern design or making the concrete resemble natural materials such as stone, slate or even wood.


  • Consider the Benefits of Hardscapes
  • Decreases erosion on properties with slopes and/or uneven soil.
  • Increases property value.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Makes your landscape and entertaining areas more accessible to all guests.
  • Reduces the amount of water needed to maintain your landscape.

Stamped Concrete

  • Benefits of Stamped Concrete
  • Pattern and Color Options. Since the concrete is poured on-site, it’s amenable to many different customizing options.
  • Excellent Performance and Longevity. A stamped concrete patio will serve you well for many years.
  • Quick Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable.